Today is a DOUBLE Power Up. All votes DOUBLED all day today

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Cash Prizes

The winning couples will not only be showered with online glory, but will also receive some awesome CASH PRIZES!


R5,000 in cash!
Bonus Top-Up this month: R
TOTAL: R5,000

First Runner Up

R3,000 in cash!
Bonus Top-Up this month: R
TOTAL: R3,000 in cash!

Second Runner Up

R2,000 in cash!
Bonus Top-Up this month: R
TOTAL: R2,000

The number of votes will determine who the winners are.
We will announce the special couples on our Winners and Facebook pages, on the 7th of the month following the competition.

Bonus Top-Up

There may also be a Bonus Top-Up shared amongst the three winning couples. Each new vote in the competition adds an amount to the Bonus Top-Up, making the final takeaway prizes BIGGER! See this month's Top-Ups in the blocks above.

Voters Prize

Be sure to share your profile link with friends and family to give them a chance at winning too! All voters are entered into a random draw to stand a chance of winning a R2,000 cash prize. Every single vote counts as an entry, so the more you vote the more chance you have to win (eg, a 20 vote bundle gets you 20 votes into the draw).
NOTE: Votes are automatically entered into the draw, but if you vote by SnapScan you will need to register your vote.